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Fun times at The Griffon

Fun times at The Griffon

Whooweeee- it sure can get cold on the South Carolina coast, the first week of March!!
However as I experienced, when the going gets tough in Charleston, the tough drink cans of Schlitz in a cozy dive bar. One with hundreds of dollar bills adhered to its walls, failing to buffer all the uproar and laughter within.

Marty and I accompanied a gang (a motley bunch?) of Richmond chefs, cooks and for lack of a more specific term, ‘food people’ down to Charleston, SC this past weekend for a Lambs and Clams after party.
Lambs and Clams, if you have yet to experience, is the wonder trio of Craig Rogers- Shepherd and Travis and Ryan Croxton- Oystermen.

Travis and Ryan Croxton of Rappahannock River Oysters

Travis and Ryan Croxton of Rappahannock River Oysters.

They throw lots of events, or as I see them, somewhat poorly disguised wild and wonderful parties for passionate eaters and do-ers. At this year’s Charleston Wine and Food festival, they again did just that. I’m happy to know them and count Craig Rogers as one of my favorite humans. When the invitation to join in on some festival after party fun presented itself, I wholeheartedly accepted. When I learned he invited a slew of RVA’s own to provide food and drink- I considered hiring chaperones.

Craig is a shepherd of more than just sheep. His flock includes all manner of talented craftspeople, be they butcher, baker, cocktail or music maker. He has a knack at assembling wonderful groups of people to revel in each others company and talents, to spend an evening creating and enjoying. He threw a fabulous party and our group of Richmond chefs made lots of new friends. The folks at The Grocery hosted gracefully and chilly as it was, our merry bellies kept us warm. Here are some pics of the frivolity.

Jason Alley of Comfort & Pasture

Jason Alley of Comfort & Pasture

Owen Lane of The Magpie and Joe Sparatta of Heritage

Owen Lane of The Magpie and Joe Sparatta of Heritage

Randall Doetzer of Julep's and Mint

Randall Doetzer of Julep’s and Mint

T Leggett and Lee Gregory of The Roosevelt

T Leggett and Lee Gregory of The Roosevelt

A bunch of weirdos at Butcher and Bee

A bunch of weirdos at Butcher and Bee

I was unable to get a picture of Craig, he was in high demand by both guests and the lamb pit. This is one of him at last summer’s Big Apple BBQ sporting an apron of his own design and a smile as big as his heart.

Craig in his overall apron

Craig in his overall apron

Thanks to Craig, Travis, Ryan and the Grocery and to all who worked so hard to put on such a great event. Also hearty thanks to all of the RVA chefs, cooks and creators who continue to make our city more unique and delicious everyday.



Our Pimento Cheese trip was a blast.
Think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but substitute all the drugs with food and replace the search for the “American Dream” with the search for “Pimento Cheese”.

It was a whirlwind of cheese spreads, biscuits, local Southern fare, splendid (and stiff!) cocktails and most importantly- fabulous Southerners.
On the way to South Carolina we had our very first “Chicken Biscuit” from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen.

Christophile enjoying breakfast

From our car, patiently perched in the right lane waiting to just get on the property, we watched countless Chapel Hill college students and high school kids get their morning biscuit fix.

There is a fellow in a window making the biscuits as you approach the drive-thru. Believe you me when I say that this was an out-of-biscuit experience. SO FRESH and FLUFFY and……. FRIED CHICKENY. Christophile and I actually squealed with delight when it dawned on us that we were eating fried chicken for breakfast.

The beautiful City of Charleston made the perfect backdrop for our interviews

Just look at the lush background behind Chef Robert Stehling of Hominy Grill. We got this interview at the very last minute, barging into his busy restaurant at that fleeting moment between the lunch and dinner rush. Thankfully he was a big sweetheart about it and even let us peep into the kitchen as they put together a classic PC sammie.
We drove an hour north of Chucktown to beautiful Pawley’s Island to meet The Henrys of the Sea View Inn and Palmetto Cheese.

They were the definition of Southern hospitality and I am really surprised Christophile and I did not just pitch a tent on their dock and move in. It is beyond comprehension how serene Pawley’s Island is.

This was the “creek” at low tide. Look at the oysters camped out! At high tide lots of mud skippers leapt about as the sun set in all sorts of psychedelic colors. Please go to Pawley’s Island. Please.

Coconut cake from Page's Okra Grill in Mt. Pleasant - SUPERB!

Some other highlights were:
Meeting Ted Lee and Matt Lee whose Lee Bros Boiled Peanut Catalog, I sent away for waaaay back in 1995-(I admit I was a wee bit starstruck) and whose collective charm has inspired me to develop a cocktail in their name (to be divulged here on Food Punk, soon).
A spontaneous trip to A Southern Season where the food is fine and the folks are even finer.
Getting our pimento cheese education from Robert F.Moss, food historian and BBQ expert.

Marty said they served this at school when he was a kid..yikes!

The bar at HUSK. RUN, don't walk!!!

So much road yet to scour in the quest for Pimento Cheese!