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Maximum Flavor is the latest book by husband and wife dynamic duo Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot. Together they run the Ideas In Food blog where they blow the minds of novice cook and skilled pro alike by sharing their innovative, experimental,  and technique driven cooking. Last Monday night at a dinner celebrating the book release, Chef Joe Sparatta along with Chef Lee Gregory of The Roosevelt welcomed Alex to Heritage to share some of those recipes with Richmond.

Obviously, having Alex in Richmond was thrilling for the gang at Heritage and for the RVA diners who sold out the event. Aki was unable to be there, busy tending to another event in what I imagine to be a hectic schedule for the pair.
Alex made very clear her importance in their collaborations, “There is no ‘Ideas In Food’ without Aki.”

A human fly on the kitchen wall, I  myself was looking forward to witnessing the complicated choreography  of  a busy kitchen, with not only a special guest and a slew of new dishes, but also a handful of chefs who would normally be in their own restaurants. I was determined to stay out the way and watch the mayhem of a busy kitchen play out.

Servers brought in hand written tickets, ecshewing the  P.O.S. system for the night. Cooks filled clay bowls, beautifully handmade by one of the servers, with pepperoni ramen (wakame noodles, octopus, watermelon radish) and plated succulent lamb shoulder (yellow mustard gnocchi sardi, in a lamb heart ragu). Joe ran expo, constantly checking in with wife and co-owner Emilia, who had the front of house locked down with the help of their expert staff. Emilia’s brother, co-owner and bar manager Mattias, was joined by  T. Leggett (also of The Roosevelt) on bar and featured a special cocktail menu.  Alex delighted diners by running food and explaining dishes. I was struck by all of these pairs from the authors themselves and the chefs who executed the 5 course meal, to the husband and wife restauranteurs and two of  RVA’s favorite bar men.

Chef Sparatta’s M.O. appears to be the more the merrier, always focused on including his fellow chefs and cooks in events and collaborations when he can. The RVA restaurant community is better for it. It was nothing short of joyful to watch this group of  friends, busting hump together, laughing quite a bit and making many happy bellies in the process. Some pics below:



lamb shoulder







Mississippi Mule

Monday night the Food For The Cure dinner took place in the Fan to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. It was held at Heritage and a slew of really gifted RVA cooks, Joe Sparatta of Heritage, Lee Gregory of The Roosevelt, Dale Reitzer of Acacia Midtown, Tim Bereika of Secco, Owen Lane of The Magpie and Randall Doetzer of Julep’s and Mint got together to offer up their dishes for the cause. I spied Aaron Hoskins of the forthcoming Rogue Gentlemen helping out on the line. Heritage’s own Mattias Hagglund and Mr T. Leggett of The Roosevelt were tag teaming bevvies behind the bar.



I was lucky to be able partake in a few cocktails and just one dish before having to run but I did manage to squirrel into the kitchen to get a glimpse of some of what was to come. For detailed descriptions of these dishes head over to Richmond Magazine. Over 7,000.00 was reported to have been raised!

the night's menu

the night’s menu

Lee Gregory's dish

Lee Gregory’s dish

Randall Doetzer's dish

Randall Doetzer’s dish

This next is the only dish I had the immense pleasure of tasting. I described it thusly, “it was like custard, breakfast, pudding and a hug all at once”
Granted I had already consumed 2 Matadors and one Mississippi Mule at that point, but I don’t think the drinks had anything to do with the love that shone through that dish. Joe and Emilia and Mattias at Heritage, are kind and good people. The types that you’d hope would set up shop in your town. We are ever so lucky to have them.

Joe Sparatta's Bacon and Eggs

Joe Sparatta’s Bacon and Eggs

Tim Bereika of Secco

Tim Bereika of Secco

Marcail Moran Waskom and Kira Siddall helped organize the event.

Marcail Moran Waskom and Kira Siddall helped organize the event.