I’m not a gourmand, a foodie, or a chow-hound. I grew up sneaking strands of drying pasta from the racks in my fathers kitchen and dipping bread into the crock pot as it slowly turned the tomato sauce a much deeper, richer red.
I’m enthusiastic and unapologetic in the kitchen. I’m stoked on food.
Making it.
Reading about it.
Thinking about it.
Sharing it with friends.
I’m a food punk.

For me, food is about memory, community, creativity but mostly it is about people.
Simple ingredients and innovation make good food, but people make a dish an experience. That is what I’m after.
I make movies about food and the people who make it at Pared Pictures with my friend Christophile. I handle events and monger the cheese at Secco Wine Bar. I sometimes make desserts, but am currently on hiatus at Dollop Desserts. I’m an ex- New Yorker, a current Old Dominion dweller and a lover of pimento cheese, brown liquor, peace and progress.
Thank you for stopping by.

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