One Day in RVA is a series on the fabulous folks who enrich our city on the daily.


Who are you really?

I founded back in 2009.  I sold my multimedia baby to RVA Mag last year.  I just launched Kevin Clay PR which allows me continue working for social justice causes while exploring other passions like food and art.

What did you do today?I started my day by meeting at the Gay Community Center of Richmond with City Council.  One of the council members is patroning a Pride Month proclamation and working on a few other ways to make Richmond more inclusive for the LGBT community.

I stopped for lunch at my favorite downtown spot Citizen. The place was packed, so I picked up a butternut squash torta with curry cashew butter and a celery root slaw. Seriously – this is one of the best sandwiches in town and it pairs nicely with buttery grits.

On my way to the office, I drove by Blanchard’s Roast Lab.  My boyfriend Andrew helps with their packaging and logistics (and also has a music blog of his own at RVA Playlist!)

Andrew at Blanchard's

Andrew at Blanchard’s

On Thursdays, Blanchard’s also hosts a lunch break with a food truck and samples coffee.

I’m currently running my business out of the Corrugated Box Building with a desk borrowed from my friends at CO+LAB Multimedia.  It’s a creative environment with plenty of tech-minded folks and is a sweet escape from the home office.  Plus there’s Camden’s Dogtown Market downstairs if I ever need a snack.  I love a snack.

After I wrapped a client meeting, I went to catch a dinner cabaret with Alaska from Ru Paul’s Drag Race and unfortunately  encountered some frozen lasagna.

I couldn’t write a guest post for Food Punk with a disappointing dinner entrée, so I compiled a list of my favorites in RVA :

The bar scene and cocktails at Pasture are top notch. Bartender Beth Dixon makes you feel at home.  Grab a Surry with smoked ginger, lemon juice and bourbon.

My neighborhood standby is New York Deli.  They have the best fries in town (with Russian dressing!) but more importantly, owners Demetrios and Hamooda have the best stories.

I love Wednesday nights at Lady Nawlin’s.  Get the grilled oysters.  Dane and Adam take great care of you.

Oysters at Lady Nawlins

Oysters at Lady Nawlins

I love the down home feeling of Garnett’s.  Lox on Boston brown bread is a winning combo.

Pie at Garnett's

Pie at Garnett’s

The bagels at Cupertino’s can’t be beat. Salt!

Cupertinos Salt Bagel

Cupertino’s Salt Bagel

The brownie sundae at Tarrent’s always wins.

And speaking of baked goods winning, I usually spend my weekends dreaming about dessert.  Last weekend, I made it over to the South of the James Market for one of Mrs. Yoder’s Donuts and I’ve also been known to walk from the Fan to Church Hill for a slice of pie at WPA Bakery.

Donut at WPA

I’ll walk 500 miles for a pastry.  It’s a reward for the exercise!

Editor’s note: Thanks Kevin for that great list of RVA food recommendations!  And… also for this picture of you with a bear, that I love and must include!!!

Kevin with bear

Kevin with bear


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