Do you remember last year’s event at Pasture with all the great chefs and wonderful regional food and VA wines and of course all of the money that was raised for Feed More? WELL, IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! Tickets are on sale now and the line up features even more wonderful chefs from all over the country. I’m most excited about one chef in particular and I felt the need to explain why.

While last year’s chefs mostly hailed from the South, this year features culinary masters from Oregon, Colorado, DC, NYC and my personal favorite BROOKLYN! Rob Newton of Seersucker and his partner Kerry Diamond opened their Southern restaurant (Ok, ok, he’s from Arkansas) the very week I left Brooklyn in Carroll Gardens mere steps from my old apartment. I still have yet to eat there-BUT- I was able to partake of Chef Newton’s Southern delicacies at Big Apple BBQ last summer and his food was phenomenal! I believe there was sorghum laced fried chicken and gumbo and deviled eggs. I may have that wrong, as I was in a food fueled stupor of glory. I tell you, you need to put your appetite in front of this gent.
Those of you who attended the Virginia Wine Summit in Oct of 2012 may have sat in on the Uncommon Wine Pairings panel, where Rob was a featured panelist. And if you can believe this, all the way back in 2011 Seersucker was featured in our movie Pimento Cheese, Please as one of the many NYC spots singing the praises of Southern food. Now that is a Brooklyn/RVA connection that cannot be denied.

I’m really looking forward to having these chefs in Richmond. Some you may be familiar with, some I’m sure you are not, all of whom I enjoyed reading about for this post. Heck, I looked them all up so you don’t have to! Read on:

Adam Sappington of The Country Cat
Justin Brunson of Old Major in Denver.
Ruben Garcia of Think Food Group/Jose Andres/Gilt City/ Rogue 24 in DC.
Andre Hueston Mack of Mouton Noir of NYC

And we mustn’t forget our own Jason-mother-effin Ally! The hardest working man in RVA food! Jason has been hustling to put RVA on the map for years and I’d like to thank he and Richmond magazine and all of the sponsors for bringing this event to us again. See you there Richmond!!!


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