One Day in RVA is a series on the fabulous folks who enrich our city on the daily.
Who are you really?
My name is Chris Ramming and I am a bartender for the people and partner of THE WELL bar and restaurant in Richmond, VA.

How was your day in RVA?
Here is my day, Sunday May 12th.

4am left work and went home. Had a glass of whiskey and smoked a couple cigarettes then passed out about 4:45.

8:45 I woke up, attempted to continue to sleep, but it hasn’t been really taking these days.

9:45 got out of bed.
usual routine, drank a pot of coffee, Rostov’s Peru brewed thru a Chemex.
Listened to Vivaldi on the Califone.
Smoked a couple cigarettes.

Thought about turtles..

Played guitar for a minute until I got too frustrated about it.
Noticed a bubble of water in my ceiling that wasn’t there before so I popped it.

Dried off.

Went out to the deck and watered some plants.
Yelled at a hobo peeing on my house.
This is a daily occurrence.
I live in Monroe Ward next to a shitty market that encourages people to drink in the alley. It’s very…European.

12:30 walked to work.

Made myself a small salad of mixed greens, cucumber, onion, croutons, cheese and ranch dressing and drank a Topo Chico mineral water.
listened to Rodriguez.
strained some watermelon juice for cocktail purposes.
said hello to and watered the plants at the restaurant.
I told them all individually I loved them equally.. but that was a lie.

Met with Kenny Close to rework our menu a little for printing the next day-price adjustments, typos, resizing etc.
That dude rules and has put a lot of work into a great layout for us.

Hassled some beer distributors on their day off and ordered beer for the week.
Drank a Tang Negroni with Kenny..
Listened to the Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Raised the price of PBR
Wrote out some drink special ideas..

Took a couple photographs.
Worked on a flier for an upcoming show at the restaurant for a bit..
Ate a cold chicken wing, clocked out at 73 1/2 hours for the week and walked home

Had a panic attack.

Worked on my truck, “Ghost Stanley”, for a minute. I love that truck and am absolutely ready to live in it again.

Ghost Stanley

Ghost Stanley

Went back inside and put some songs on a playlist.

Called my mother as it was Mother’s Day and it had been weeks.
Chris Milk showed up so we drank some cans of beer on my deck.
Listened to Little Gold..
wrote down some lyrics and chords to a couple songs I’m learning until i got frustrated with it.

Thought about cacti.

Had to get out of the house so I walked to Edo’s -the one place that always makes me feel better about the world.

Drank a Budweiser or, a few of them.
Had a shot of whiskey and smoked a cigarette in their stairwell.
Ate squid, white beans & arugula followed by skatewing & endive at the bar..
Had mint chip gelato though I didn’t deserve it.
Stayed there too long.

Had a Tecate at Ipanema but didn’t much feel like another.
Stopped by work and listened to a few songs on the jukebox by myself in an empty restaurant, which was nice.

Walked home.

Wrote a letter.
Worked on a couple photographs..
Had a whiskey and a couple more cigarettes.
listened to Neva Dinova.
3:15 hit the wall and made my way upstairs so I didn’t pass out on the couch.
My life is very exciting.

Currently in my refrigerator I have some expensive cheese that is quite possibly moldy at this point.
Some expired milk, old hot dogs, many condiments and beer.
A couple of Mexican cokes..

I am currently listening to Fletcher C. Johnson.. just listened to Ike and Tina Turner, Ooh Poo Pah Doo.

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  1. “Listened to Vivaldi on the Califone.”


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