I started Food Punk to create a space to celebrate food and music. Where else could I herald the magic of both Ramps and Pusha T? Cooking like music, is an art. Both can be visceral, sensory experiences that transport, inspire and even define us. I’ve often found that those who play with knives are also into ‘deep cuts’ of another nature. It is in this spirit that I bring you this series: HEARD! highlighting the music enthusiasts behind the line, the bar, the pass and the pen.
Brooke Mosley

Brooke Mosley is my chef crush!!
She is a pastry chef recently relocated to San Francisco and working at Outerlands. “I’m consistently in awe, but seldom surprised. I’m from San Diego and other than four years in NYC, have always lived in SoCal. Never planned to chef. Always wanted to be on a stage. My desserts are seldom sweet enough”.

What was the first live music performance you attended?

I’ll give you five! Huey Lewis and The News (Sports tour) was número uno, Simon and Garfunkel (and holy SHIT Princess Leia, I mean, Carrie Fisher was there. But I’m totally team Edie Brickell), Three Dog Night, The Doobie Brothers and wait for it…Captain and Tenille.

What was the most recent?

Jack White. (Obsessed. Seen White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather )

What album/artist changed/defined/etc your life?

Wow. My uncle was in a band way back called Moby Grape (editor’s note: !!!!!!!!!!) and my dad was always very into rock and roll/singer-songwriter stuff, so I grew up feeling like I KNEW Linda Ronstadt and Jennifer Warnes, Warren Zevon and Neil Young.

photo from ronstadt-linda.com

photo from ronstadt-linda.com

Like I fully expected to see them at our house one day. As I got a little older, it was Steely Dan and Toto and Tull. Huge.
If I had to name one? Just one? Jeez. Probably Simon and Garfunkel. High School. Everyone else was all about OPP and I just wasn’t. I needed them. I connected to almost nothing that should have been relevant to someone my age.

photo from LastFM

photo from LastFM

Do you have a musical equivalent to a guilty pleasure?

Awesome question. Hahaha. Shit. I totally own the Yentl soundtrack, dude. And I know every. single. word. But, like music someone would be surprised that I like? Tyga? Or soundtracks to musicals. Total ex-theatre nerd.

What album is your go to for when you wanna smash stuff and life is sticking it to you?

That is tough. Because that happens a lot! Rage Against The Machine or Nine Inch Nails. Helmet, Metallica.

What album is your go to for fist-pumping-this-is-the-best-ever-happiness times?

BI double G IE Smalls, man.
Notorious Thugs Nothing makes me happier.

What is on your turntable at home right now? Or the last album you listened to?

Chromeo Fancy Footwork

Is there anything about your love of music that you’d like to add?
Like when or how you listen, favorite genres, desert island top jams, whatever…

Hm. I associate my connections to the people I care most about in life to music. Any album I love, there’s a human I also love attached to it and sometimes that person is simply myself.

Top jams?

Close to me by The Cure
Superstition by Stevie Wonder
The Boxer by S&G
Hey 19 by Steely Dan
just about anyfuckingthing by The Talking Heads
and The River by Joni Mitchell


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