One Day in RVA is a series on the fabulous folks who enrich our city on the daily.

Who are you Really?

Tracy Wilson – Product Planner at Hohner USA / Owner & Operator at Little Black Cloud Records / Record Slinger at Deep Groove Records

Kenny Close – Account Manager at The Martin Agency / Design dude at Little Black Cloud Records

Together we are 1/2 of the band Positive No.

What did you do today in RVA?

It’s a Saturday which means we get to sleep in (sort of)! Most importantly it is the only day off we have together.

7:30am- For Tracy, that means doing her usual Little Black Cloud post office run.
This morning also entails getting new tires put on her car. Yay.

8:00am- We have two cats that love to tear up our home, so I tend to start most days vacuuming up whatever mess they have made. I do my morning internet routine and finally give the new My Bloody Valentine LP a listen in full.

9:00am – Tracy is on her way home and I start getting breakfast moving which includes french press coffee. We recently enrolled in a coffee of the month club and we are trying our new beans from PT’s Coffee for the first time. This blend is a little too citrusy for us, but tasty nonetheless. This is accompanied by two bowls of Lucky Charms – they’re magically delicious.


10:00am -We recently moved fairly close to Maymont park and a variety of other hiking trails. Our skills aren’t advanced enough to take proper advantage of the North Bank trail system, so we tend to head in the opposite, less treacherous direction. Today, our path is a loooonnngggg walk/hike to Byrd Park and the Vita Course area.
In the middle of our walk we stumble across what we find out is the Tree Climbing Championship. We aren’t sure exactly what the event is, but there is a gentleman about 40ft in the air jumping from limb to limb ringing bells. We also learn that it is arbor day. Happy belated Arbor Day, RVA.


12:00 – Return home, freshen up and finally try out Toast for lunch. Toast is located in the Village Shopping Center at Patterson and Three Chopt. It is surrounded by chain businesses and strip mall shops. It seems to fit in from the outside, but the inside has a little more personality to offer. We have the brunch/lunch option today and take advantage of both. Toast is also a Gastropub so we try a couple of beers. Tracy opts for the Weyerbacher Merry Monks which is a yummy Belgian inspired beer brewed in PA. In addition to a favorable Draft, Cocktail, & Wine list, there is also a canned beer menu. I am a sucker for these. I give the Oskar Blues Mamas little Pils a whirl.

mama's lilylla

We start with an order of Truffle Fries (side note: we will eat pretty much anything with truffle oil) and move onto the main courses which are the Meatloaf sandwich (TW) and fried chicken, egg, & sausage gravy biscuits (KC). Our lunch is fantastic and while wrapping up we decide that we want to head out to an antique mall that we fancy.

2:30pm – We make our way to Mechanicsville to check out Cold Harbor Antiques Mall. We always seem to find something out there and today we walk away with a bad ass red, white, and blue mod lamp.

4:00pm – It is nap time. Anytime we know we are going out at night, a nap is necessary. (secrets of old people revealed!) We are both out cold for almost two hours.

7:00pm – We finally pull it together and get out of bed. It’s cocktail hour (again) and Tracy has decided that Rum with Root Beer is a worthy experiment. Holy crap. Rum and Root Beer is so wonderful. You can mix equal parts of both and it tastes fantastic. I would imagine that making a night of these drinks could lead you down a pretty interesting path.
9:00pm – Tracy serves up a homemade Baked Mac & Four Cheese with Bacon. We devour it. All exercise from earlier today has been cancelled out at this point.

10:00pm – We both know if we don’t leave by 10 we are never getting out of the house (more tips for the over 30 set) so we decide to stop in at Balliceaux to see our friend DJ Carlito’s K-POP (Korean pop music) night. What unfolds blows our minds. Portions of the crowd has choreographed dance routines and their energy is contagious. Neither of us know much about the music but find the diverse crowd and sincere enthusiasm for a DJ to be pretty refreshing.
Hi – Five, Carl!

11:30pm – Off to Strange Matter for the Fun Size record release show that appears to be sold out. Fun Size is a pretty popular Richmond pop punk band that existed throughout most of the 90s and has recently re-formed. James from the band also played bass on a recent recording for our band, Positive No. We are particularly excited for him as we know this event means a lot to him and their performance from start to finish is great. The surprise of the night is running into one of the guitar players from Tracy’s first band Dahlia Seed. They were based out of NYC area and the two of them have not seen each other for over for over 15 years. This already sentimental show becomes all the more remarkable.

1:00am – Home sweet home. ZZZzz.

What’s in your fridge?

We tend to keep our fridge stocked based on the recipes slated for the week. Staples include fresh veggies of sorts, garlic, cheeses, coffee, & a few bottles of whatever beer has been picked up on that Monday.
What was the last album/song you listened to?

Tracy – Kit Kats – It’s Just a Matter of Time – LP

Kenny – Emitt Rhodes -S/T – LP

Richmond never ceases to amaze. There is a misconception that smaller cities are sleepy, uncultured, and dull but if you take the time to actually step out of the house and adventure out into it – I mean really take the time to explore it – you too will be amazed.


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