One Day in RVA is a series on the fabulous folks who enrich our city on the daily.


photo by Jon Davidow

Who are you, really?

I’m Stephanie Ganz, and I provide coaching and classes for culinary entrepreneurs. I’m also the go-to-gal for Pizza Tonight, and I’m a total Mom!

What is in your fridge


photo by Stephanie Ganz

If you look in my fridge, you will absolutely always find pickles and milk. I’m currently obsessed with Pickled Silly’s pickled okra because it changed my life. There’s also a little corner of curry pastes, tamarind, miso, anchovies, and other instant dinner heros. You’ll probably also find salmon, cabbage, grapes for Lily, and White Diamond Pimento Cheese, which is made with white cheddar and banana peppers and is available at Carytown Kroger; and I swear I’m not just saying that because Nicole “Pimennah Cheese” Lang is asking.

What was the last song or album you listened to?

I end up listening to more Toddler Pandora than I was prepared for. I am very enthusiastically listening to a constant stream of Otis, Curtis, Al Green, and old Motown. I am a singing motorist, so watch out for that.

What did you do today in RVA?

8:30 am: Lucky for me, I get to wake up nice and slow, listening to the rain and the sounds of my husband and baby playing downstairs. Seth is off for the day, which means I have planned a full day of meetings, and he’s on baby duty. I join them downstairs for some playing, singing, and eating breakfast (two dry Blueberry Nutrigrain Eggo Waffles and a glass of milk – the same thing every day) before I hit the streets.

10:00 am: Meeting at Lamplighter with Victoria Deroche to talk marketing and scheduling for Pizza Tonight. We call it a meeting, but really it’s an excuse to enjoy lattes and danishes, while talking shit and hiding from the drizzle outside. We map out a firm schedule of events for the next month, start working on a revamped marketing plan, and go over our menu for this week’s Food Court at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.

1:00 pm: Lunch with Barb Upchurch at Garnett’s, again under a vague pretense of getting some work done, this time for Blueberry Marketing. We need to discuss our upcoming Food Business Planning class at Bizworks, our presentation for a meeting later that evening, and our general plans to take over the world. I get the Scuffletown Chicken Salad Sandwich, and potato salad, as I always do, and Barb gets the Ploughman’s Plate.


photo by Stephanie Ganz

2:30 I’m back at Chez Ganz, giving Mr. Ganz a well-appreciated break, so he can go to his studio and finish a painting he’d been working on for Lily. She and I head over to the main branch of the Richmond Public Library. Homegirl loves books; I can’t keep enough of them on the shelves (Literally, she is constantly pulling them off the shelves. It’s cute but maddening.) It’s a great spot for a rainy day, and we spend a happy hour reading. Did you know you can be loud in the library? Because you can be, but only if you’re reading to small children.

5:30 Back at home Seth returns, and we present Lily with her painting. To our great pleasure, she recognizes everyone and identifies them by name. Cuteness overload. And then, I’m out the door for one last meeting. This one takes me to Northside, to the Richmond Technical Center, where the RVA Street Foodies are having a meeting to talk about the strategy for this season of Food Truck Courts, catering, and community involvement. It’s an awesome, inspiring room full of people. Barb and Victoria are both at the Street Foodies meeting, so my day has pretty much come full circle.

7:30 I’ve got just enough time to scoop up a Doner Kebab on my way home, a reward for meeting through the dinner hour, and still make it home for a slightly late bedtime story. And it’s bed time! Day over! Time for trashy tv, Tumblr, two dark chocolate squares, and another glass of milk.




  1. I’m sad I didn’t discover these day-in-the-lifes until today! YAY Stephanie!! Always love to read anything you write.

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