I love eggs.
So feel free to take that dirty dog mention up there as a direct reference to me. You can live your whole life and still not cook perfect eggs, or worse, never eat properly cooked eggs. Eggs are worthy of intense study for these reasons. You can do more with eggs than any other ingredient I can think of right now…except perhaps water and flour.
Recently, if people are talking about eggs, they are usually talking about restaurant menu darlings; slow cooked or soft boiled eggs. Much has been written on that method of egg cookery. I am a super-emo-fan-boy of eggs cooked in this manner. An unctuous yolk makes me weak and don’t even get me started on the Soy Sauce Egg from Momofuku, I might cry. I miss it like a best friend.
One of my favorite things about eggs, and why I decided to take to the blog to squawk about them, is how well they go with pickled marinated anchovies.

You see, there was this sandwich.
A fancy restaurant fellow, opened up a few casual sandwich shops while I lived in NYC. One day while ordering out for lunch at the production company where I worked, it caught my eye. Anchovy and Egg.
I ordered it.
I ate it.
I was changed forever.
I loved that sandwich so much (I DO crush out on some sandwiches.) someone actually purchased that fellow’s sandwich cookbook for me. I can’t prove it, but I swear I saw in print that he said himself he would never take it off the menu even though it was not a big seller, because he loved it so. (ALAS IT IS GONE -Why, Mr Colicchio, Why?!)
That sandwich really solidified my relationship with marinated fresh anchovies or boqurones as they are known. A relationship, that is made sublime with the introduction of egg.

I’m here to tell you, RICHMOND that you can experience the joy of ANCHOVY & EGG. Upon learning that our Chef at Secco, Tim, added an anchovy and egg crostino to the menu, I squealed with pure glee. I was to be reunited with my beloved and I’d LOVE to introduce you.

If you are not familiar, I implore you to resist thinking of the ultra concentrated, brown and briny taste of late night pizza stinkers (though, they too are also quite delicious!) this is a whole different scene. With the addition a simple hard boiled egg and some chervil you get vinegary, fatty, crunchy and herby- All in one sumptuous bite!

Secco AnchovyEgg

I wish for RVA to know the joy of Anchovy and Egg! I am singing the gospel of fishy, salty and fatty -because if I don’t speak up, this could end up slipping away into “Why yes, we-had-that-on-the-menu-briefly-but-no-one-ordered-it-because-they-are-afraid-of-tiny-stinky-fish” obscurity.

So please, feel free to be the bad-ass who orders anchovy on a first date, to delight in the rich history of authentic Spanish tapas while you are in the Old Dominion, but most of all to take part in the glory of the combination egg and pickled marinated fish, because they are best buddies, forever.
***Yes, I work at Secco, and yes I am promoting this item on our current menu and No, I do not care.



  1. You are a true feeler, my friend.

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