Yes, we are still at it!
By ‘it’ I mean of course, the Food Punk Winter Cocktail Crawl! I’m very excited about this next spot. These guys, whom I met last year at a Lambs and Clams event, are top notch! In fact their restaurant puts another glorious notch in the ever expanding belt of Richmond’s food scene.
(Oh, and speaking of lambs- be on the look out in 2013 for Pared Pictures’ short film on Craig Rogers, Shepherd– The lamb half of that aforementioned power pairing.)
Rappahannock Restaurant opened a couple of weeks ago on Grace St and Richmonders are thrilled. Marty and I had been stalking the place prior to their opening -noses pressed up against the floor to ceiling windows like Ralphie in a Christmas story- as if the gorgeous 33 seat wrap around bar and the promise of truckloads of oysters were akin to an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle.


Look at this guy! Whom else would one want to see as you take your perch at the bar?

Now as a lover of bivalves it was hard to resist ordering from the raw bar, but sadly, this is not an oyster crawl.
On to the drinks!
It took me a while to get my order together as the drink menu was more varied than I had expected with a bunch of tempting options, plus wine and a craft beer list.

Take note of the non-alcoholic beverage section above, a testament to Kat Kinsman’s 2013 dining trends #2.


I heard tell that they have a lady bartender extraordinaire from DC at Raoppahannock. My drinks that night were made by the fellow you see above and another cheerful gentleman. I went with a Pisco Alexander, a twist on two very storied drinks. It was perfectly diluted with tiny shards of ice and had an excellent spice to it, reminiscent of a brandied Horchata in taste.

After that creamy sensation, a cleanser was in order, a Prosecco Shrub was just the thing and it readied me for our next stop, a few doors down. (Tireless, in our pursuit of drinks are we!!)

Though I am a chronicler and NOT a critic, I’d like to add that Rappahannock came out of the gate, not running, but flying. They excel at service and hospitality, every member of staff we came into contact with greeted us and chatted a bit. I look forward to what they bring to Richmond and I hope to be a frequent shoveler of oysters- ahem, I mean guest there.



  1. non-alcoholic drink list?! woah what?! That is awesome! When can we go??

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