It’s Nog! it’s Nog! It’s better than bad, it’s good!

We interrupt this non stop bar crawl to bring you some homemade egg nog! I adore the stuff and have it in my morning coffee on Thanksgiving day and then in bourbon every chance I get from then on until about now-ish. I am partial to Craig Clairborne’s recipe, though it is truly more of a dessert than a beverage. However, the idea of an aged egg nog, I’d read about, intrigued me enough to stray from Mr. Clairborne’s this year.

The recipe I used, from a microbiologist, was featured in a recent issue of The Art of Eating (and earlier on NPR) with a couple of variations. The main differences being the addition of dairy to the egg and liquor base prior to the aging period. I went ahead and added the diary. Heck, if a microbiologist is OK with it, than so am I!

It aged in the fridge for 4 weeks, during which time it went from yellow to greyish to a normal nog color. Does Pantone have an egg nog, color I wonder? They do!

What you see below is a nog taste test I conducted on Christmas Eve. The nog to the left was another homemade brew, acquired from Chris Ramming, he of Coquito fame . It was smooth and milky, light on the tongue and well spiced. The nog in the center, was mine, it was very strong and flavorful but I could not tell if it was from the booze or the ‘aging process’, it was heavy and creamier and I added grated nutmeg to the top just before sipping. The one to the right, was local dairy Homestead Creamery‘s egg nog ubiquitous around these parts beginning a week before Thanksgiving. It tasted sweet and creamy and like you’d expect a commercial virgin nog to taste, by which I mean delicious Christmas brew.

As you can see, all of this rampant consuming of egg nog resulted in quite a boisterous and blurry Christmas Eve (not to mention Boxing day morning-OUCH)!
Happy Holidays!
Stay tuned for the next post when we return to our regularly scheduled crawl and feature Pasture and also newcomers Rappahannock


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