I went to go see our buddy Chris Ramming so we could talk about the Twin Peaks holiday party we are throwing this weekend. I used to hang out at ‘Cous’ all the time, even prior to moving here, that’s where we would head, when in RVA. I have to point out too, that back when I was visiting in 08′ and 09′ Chris was making his own syrups and bitters and tinctures and who all knows what. This was before the craft cocktail craze lit up RVA, like it has  now..Back when a Jameson w/ a PBR back was still the drink of the day. (For the record, even though I have not had a beer in many months, I have nothing against PBR- it goes great w BBQ and 110 degree weather.)

Anyway- Ramming- he could serve legions of sweaty Richmond punks, bridge and tunnel suburban weekend warriors and college residents of The Chesterfield all at once, all night long and still the drinks were ON POINT.

So I said
“Hey, Do you have a holiday-ish cocktail I can try and then blog about?”

He asked if I liked eggnog and we spoke of the “Aged EggNog” that’s all the rage recently.
Then he said ‘What about Coquito?”
I said “What the heck is that? And YES, please I’ll have one”
This is why I love Chris Ramming.
Coquito, is a Peurto Rican eggnog like beverage, served during the holidays. Turns out even though I lived in NYC for 16 years (in some heavily PR nabes, mind you) and this beverage has it’s own federation and a yearly tasting located in NYC- I’ve never heard of it.
This is why I love Chris Ramming.
Look at that pic! It’s like a centerfold!
It tasted like a hybrid of warm rice pudding in January and the best Pina Colada I ever had, (at the Mirage in Vegas, in a bar that no longer exists) when my Mom turned 50.
That may seem like a run on sentence, but what it means is that THE DRINK WAS DAMN GOOD!

I had two other (more ‘artisanal’) drinks at Cous Cous that night, but the pics were lousy and this one drink illustrates what I mean to tell you about CousCous and Mr. Ramming.

We are lucky, that here in this relatively small town, (I like to refer to it as a City-Town) we have so many great places to go- all with their own special attributes. I think it’s easy to be dismissive sometimes and rely on long ago established opinions, instead of going out and checking in with the folks and the places that make our city unique and that are forever changing.


Mr. Ramming, doing his thing

I’m personally not too great at that, but in the New Year I plan to make it a point to spread myself all over this town. I hope you join me!


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