The Roosevelt’s cocktail list blew UP this week, when barman T Leggett (with assistance from Brandon Peck) unleashed a bunch of new drinks. They are currently offering 23(!) cocktails on their drink menu. I’m not 100 percent on this, but it may be the longest cocktail list at a non-hotel restaurant in Richmond. I love to swing by The Roosevelt on off hours to sip on something and hope they have fried chicken skins left. This was a last minute crawl and my crew included my husband and our pal John.
Marty’s idea of a cocktail is a cold can of whatever is cheap and American. He will drink at home, but when we are out, he sticks to beer and bless him for it, as he is the driver. He was busy bro-ing down with Brandon on music and slipmats. So it was up to John and I to “git’ er done”.
For the first round I chose the Ex Pat and John went with The Mayor.

FP: “Wow, that’s nutty, taste this-it’s really nutty”
J: “Mine has a dusky fruitiness”

HA! He absolutely did not say that, I made that up.

Seriously, The Mayor was awash in deep cherry color and flavor with some subtle spice to it. One of its components, Cherry Heering, (which we tried at Acacia) is a natural Danish liquer made by soaking cherries in grain alcohol and letting it age 5 years. If I can hunt it down I’d love to have it around for Manhattans and the like.
John’s drink was impossible to photograph in the available light, so no pic. (I know, I’m an amateur)
Ever the gentleman, he offered me the cherry at the bottom of his glass. I declined and insisted he eat it as I knew it had to be house made.

J:(after consuming the cherry)”Man, that cherry. Wow.”
Brandon: “Yeah, T brandies them himself”
J:”Although, a cherry stem is always appreciated for the occasional Audrey Horne impersonation, The Mayor has my full endorsement.”
He really did say those things. I swear.

FP “I’m loving this Ex Pat now, at first the Nocello was a bit overwhelming, but now I’m getting subtle fruit and anise..or maybe I’m developing a slight buzz and I just love everything?”

Is this the Mayor? Or the Ex Pat? Who knows..

Is this the Mayor? Or the Ex Pat? Who knows! (its the Ex Pat)

John opted out of round two, so it was up to me to have another.
After the delicious fruit and nut fest, I wanted something less sweet and asked for The Beauxregard, which features my old pal Rye. (thanks to Matty Conway for that introduction.)

Brandon took pity on me and as we were the last folks at the bar, raised the lights a bit so you can see The Beauxregard in all of it’s glory.
It was bracing and perked me up, a true more-than-the-sum-of-it’s-parts drink, and un-fussy, which to me is the mark of a well made and well thought out beverage. The cocktails at The Roosevelt are innovative and fun, you can learn a lot by reading their list (many drinks are named with a nod to Virginia lore or locale) and the level of commitment to the craft is apparent. If you find yourself at their cozy bar, treat yourself to what many consider their signature drink, The Seersucker and if that isn’t your thing they have a few more you might like.


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