12 Days until the New Year! In these remaining weeks, I am going to drink and write about our fair city’s Winter beverage offerings! If you know of a special Winter/Holiday cocktail list around town-DO TELL!
As I attempted and failed this last year, I knew I would require assistance. A wingman, a bar buddy, someone who would hold me accountable for seeing it through and someone with a liver of steel and wits to match.
For the trip to Acacia, enter Julia Battaglini whose discerning palate and efforts to raise RVA’s collective quaffing conscious is legend in our berg.
At Acacia Midtown, the folks behind the bar are deft, yet reserved-they let the drinks speak for themselves. If you are however large of mouth and inquisitive of concoction, they waste no time in pouring out tastes, histories and recommendations.
Acacia had 5 specials and 5 seasonal libations as well as 3 classic cocktails listed on their menu (all ever so reasonably priced at $10!)
Here is how it went.

Julia: “They have something called Inherent Vice?! I’m ordering it.”
FoodPunk: “I’m going for the Amaro Flip, as it has nutmeg AND egg”

Julia’s selection was listed under WINTER ESCAPES, drinks meant to transport you out of the winter (holiday?) doldrums with exotic and enticing ingredients like Peruvian bitters, black strap rum float and something called ‘Falernum’.
Moments later, these two stunners emerged from the busy hands of our bartender:

FP: “This is like the lightest, most complex, and fragrant eggnog that isn’t really eggnog.”

Julia: “Mine is smokey, earthy and has a..ginger citrus element, I think it’s the Falernum?” (It was!)

Next Julia chose a Peruvian Sling (a chance to check out those bitters) and I continued on my path of holiday abandon ordering a Mr.Chapman, which, named for Johnny Appleseed is a Rye hot toddy featuring Becherovka and house made apple butter.

Julia: “What is Becherovka, again?”
FP: “It’s like if Jager was actually enjoyable.”
(At this remark, Julia makes a concerned face)

We ask for a taste of it alone and it is deemed far more pleasant than Jagermeister. Our second round arrives and mine definitely could qualify as a dessert or a winter cold cure all. It’s delicious. Julia’s sling comes with a metal straw that has a disc at it’s base and it is noted that it could possibly double as a crack spoon.
Despite (or because of) that fact, she is delighted with her choice as well.

We do not have photos of these but I encourage you to swing by the lovely bar there and enjoy yourself. The atmosphere is one of my favorites in the city, especially during the Holiday and the bartenders there are truly top notch.
Stay tuned: next up The Roosevelt and Pasture!!


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