So said the poet Michael McFee at the Southern Foodways Alliance’s 14th Annual Symposium.
Guests to Oxford, MS immediately made it the weekends slogan. I myself perhaps had a little too much fun as I am suffering from laryngitis and remain under the covers since returning. (It was worth it).

Upon seeing this table loaded with Pimento Cheese sandwhiches, I knew I had come to the right place.

Instead of attempting a recap I will instead just say that if you care anything for Southern food, drink, art, culture, music, film, literature, justice, the land we are tied to, poetry and of course FUN, you must try to attend in the coming years. It is one of those life changing weekends that people talk about (without all the new age and with far more bourbon and whiskey).
The reason I was there was to premiere Pimento Cheese, Please!. It was shown quite early in the am but a lot of folks came out, more than I would have imagined. It was observed that I may have not been fully awake.

To be able to show our movie at that event, made up of folks who care deeply about such things as Pimento Cheese and Collard Greens is not something that I will ever forget. Nor will I forget the opera (penned by a young student at Ole Miss) on the subject of… COLLARDS. It was beautiful. Or the trip to Taylor Grocery– a place I had only read about, a place that seemed could not possibly exist. Oh, but it did!

Here are some pics:

Biscuits and Preserves from Farmers Daughter. Oh and HAM!

This lady is my new favorite person

The food was mystical, the people magical and I left with new friends, a full belly and an inspired mind.


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