There is much going on in the FoodPunk realm. I am still unemployed, but busier than I have ever been! RVA is crazy like that!
First thing’s first, the Pimento Cheese Documentary is done. It will be screened the last weekend of the month in MS. There will be a screening in November here in RVA at The Hippodrome in Jackson Ward! How awesome is that. (Pretttttty awesome.)
Tickets can be purchased here . Tickets will not be available for sale at the door.
Very excited about that. It was a long time coming!
The event here in Richmond is sponsored by Richmond Magazine and benefits the Southern Foodways Alliance and the Historic Jackson Ward Association, There will be restaurants serving up Pimento Cheese samples and a cash bar as well as another short movie on Richmond’s Southern food scene.

The other thing keeping me from posting lately is the birth of my dessert business, Dollop! I hope to be at area Farmer’s markets soon and maybe some local shops. I am currently raising finds to help me get this plan in motion. You can learn more about that here. It’s been going great and I really feel so lucky to be in this fantastic supportive community!!

Usually this month I am busy trying to fully embrace the creepy and Halloweenie. Cutting bats out of construction paper, making paper mache shark heads, you know, normal Ocotber activities. Watching weird movies and drinking hot cider, and yet here it is the 19th and October is half behind us! To remedy this, I will have a rainy, macabre morning moment listening to this wild Spanish version of the Misfits “Return of The Fly” which I am really getting a kick out of. Especially the “Oooh oooh ooh ews”



  1. Ahh this is so great, you deserve it and Dollop is going to be fantastic!! So proud/envious!

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