Hello there !
I’m Nicole Lang. I have over 15 years combined administration and management experience in office as well as retail environments. Most recently I have helped women start new businesses at a Non Profit.
In the past I have opened stores from the ground up. I have worked in and managed high end small business, luxury corporate and Mom and Pop. I have both Executive Assisted and Managed Operations at an Industrial Film Production Company -often at the same time! I have also worked in restaurants as a baker and food prep cook. I have produced and directed a documentary about Pimento Cheese. I have also started my own dessert company. I have been known to talk and write about food and create occasions by which to celebrate it.

I am looking for part time work. I am great with people at all levels, friendly and fun. I can get things done. Give me a chance and you won’t be disappointed.
For a more traditional resume, drop me a line, at the link to the upper right, or click

2 responses to “FOOD PUNK FOR HIRE

  1. Chefsethmackenzie

    If you where in Seattle I would hire you today

  2. Thanks for that sentiment Chef!

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