Yesterday Whole Foods had a sale on (be still my heart!) CHERRIES. This never happens when I am there usually so I grabbed a bag and set to thinking about what to do with them. Cherry Ice Cream was in the lead (odd I have not made any ice cream yet this summer, I will have to remedy that!) with cherry lime syrup ( for rickeys, naturally) a close second. What did I ultimately decide on? On this 90 degree day?

Well I turned the oven to 500, of course and made a dough for cherry focaccia!
Pitting cherries is a real drag but after spending 20 minutes looking for a paper clip I went to the internet and read about using a decorating tip! Huzzah! Although in hindsight that was maybe not the greatest for the edge on my tip, but there is more where that came from. It was so easy, I have no issue making that particular tip designated cherry pitter.
I could write out a recipe but honestly all I did was make my usual dough, slather it in olive oil, lemon zest salt and some sugar and press in the cherries during the second rise.
Next time I will maybe add some ricotta and perhaps macerate the cherries in citrus a bit.

If you have not yet, get thee to some summer cherries, before their brief season is over!


3 responses to “CH CH CH CH CH CH CHERRY IS SO……… VERY

  1. This looks amazing! I always buy cherries with the intent to use them in something but they never last long enough in my house. PS I love my cherry pitter which seems like a ridiculous kitchen tool to own but I use it all the time!

  2. now I’m hungry!!! thanks!!!!!!!!

    COOL BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, that song brings back memories of family roadtrips. The recipe, although it doesn’t remind me of family, also looks very good.

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