Pimento Cheese meets Whoopie Pie

Although it looks like I took the last month off around here on the internet, I assure you there is no rest for the wicked and since I’ve last posted much has occurred.

This past week the darling Caroline Nuttall of Read Charlie wrote up a piece about all of the Pimento Cheeses of Charleston and included a bit about the film. You can read it here. Pimento Cheese is popping up everywhere outside the South, these days. Better hurry and get this film made before the backlash starts in- I met a chef who was working on a Pimento Cheese foam ?!?

Charleston is such a vibrant city. We enjoyed filming there and really loved eating there. If you want to see my eyes roll up in my head and start drooling just ask me about our eating excursions while there, like the cocktails at FIG and the dinner at Husk.

Speaking of great dinners, here in Richmond, I was honored to help contribute to the last course of a Suds and Sow dinner at Comfort. Chef Jason Alley and his team created a multi course dinner around a suckling pig, matched with beers from Athens’ Terrapin Brewery. Have you tried the Hopsecutioner?! Don’t walk, RUN!
From the starters of pork fat fried peanuts, and housemade rinds to the tender ribs and crispy jowl salad.. not to mention the whole hog tacos, it was a bacchanal of porcine delights. I made bacon fat and ginger whoopie pies that were filled with peanut butter cream and served with a citrus bacon jam. (Alas, I have no pictures so we’ll make do with the above savory Northern/Southern hybrid- The Pimento Cheese Whoopie Pie!)
It’s such a delight that area chefs in our city host events like this. There is a food scene here in Richmond, and we are lucky to have it, but it needs to advance and grow. Events like Suds and Sow help spread the word in our own community and beyond.

I have heard word that there is also a fledgling secret restaurant scene on the rise here in River City. If anyone needs any dessert items for such events please be in touch – I can keep a secret!


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