When I was a wee food punk growing up in Plymouth, MA there was an ice cream place called Peaceful Meadows. They made fresh ice cream and they had the cows out back to prove it. Coconut ice cream was my favorite flavor but what I really loved from there was not even a dairy sweet treat. It was a frosty drink called a Rickey.
At Peaceful Meadows they had an old fashioned Lime Rickey and a Raspberry Lime Rickey. Oh the, RASPBERRY LIME RICKEY! It must have been something to keep me from ordering ice cream and it was. Refreshing and tickley (they used super carbonated water) with a real raspberry syrup and lime, it was my true love, (next to Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson). Traditionally The Rickey is a lime based cocktail made with soda water and gin. Of course they were not slinging gin down at Peaceful Meadows, those teenage gals behind the counter were underage! I do think however that my adoration of the Lime Rickey gave way to what would be my preferred cocktail during my 20s- the Gin Gimlet.
Let’s get back to underage drinks. In an effort to cut down on the boozehounding around here, I have been thinking of lots of libations to enjoy this summer season (read: miserable-humid-mosquito-ridden-100 degree plus-weather).
Today I came up with this:

Cherry Ginger Lime Rickey
1 bottle of Blenheim’s Ginger Ale (make sure it is the spicy)
Half of a lime
Brandied cherries (I said cut down on the booze, not eliminate it! Now is a good time, by the way, to brandy up some fresh cherries at home for future use. Pit cherries, water+sugar+lemon zest+heat to a boil, add cherries, simmer for 5 min, remove from heat, add brandy, cool and jar. Boom.)
Angostura bitters
Great big beautiful ice cubes (shown here courtesy of the Maker’s Mark Ambassador Program)

Put ice in glass, put glass in freezer for a few minutes. Squeeze half a lime into glass, a couple shakes of bitters and pour on Blenheim. Stir. Spear brandied cherries and a lime wheel to garnish and serve.

Of course you could always throw in a splash of gin and I won’t tell on you.
What lovely beverage concoctions (boozy and non) are you planning on sippin on this summer? Do tell!

This song came out in 1984, definitely one of years that you’d likely find me at Peaceful Meadows slurpin on a Rickey.



  1. Oh, that does sound good! I personally like pineapple upside-down cake drinks (vanilla vodka, pineapple juice + grenadine).

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