Hi! Welcome to Planet Crazy!!! I am not talking about wherever it is poor Charlie Sheen has gone, I am talking about our new apartment which resembles an uber cramped storage unit, more than a place to hang our hat or…. all that other of crap we brought with us. We have not been doing much eating at all. As I type this I am heating up tomato-soup-in-a-box and looking forward to settling into the one inhabitable corner of the apartment, which conveniently includes the TV. Before I do that, I wanted to share with you something I came across before we decided to mess up our lives by relocating twice in one year. (Oh, maybe I do dwell where he of the tiger blood dwells)

I noticed this post on Southern Foodways Alliance blog, who were inspired by this man and his work.
I have thought of documenting the refrigerators of friends before, in fact, I love reaching that point in a friendship, where I can open someone’s fridge and just have a peek. It’s definitely revealing. Do they keep candy around in the freezer months after Halloween? What mayonnaise are they partial to?
I am guilty of spying the contents of a stranger’s cart at the grocery store. I can’t help myself, I’m interested in seeing what other folks need at arm’s reach on a daily basis. Those pictures of Mark Menjivar’s are so intimate, I can almost visulaize the people who open them
everyday. I don’t think my fridge is as poignant, but let’s have a looky shall we?

The top picture is from our current apt. My new found addiction to La Croix seltzer is evident.

This is 8 days before we moved into our current place:

This fridge drove me nuts as I need like wide shelving to put half sheets in, so the narrow vertical doors bummed me out.
The ice maker ruled though.

Here is a pic of my fridge back in NYC:
I can see fresh garlic scapes! Miss those guys!
You can see if you go back to my current fridge I have pickled scapes in there, (killer in a Bloody Mary) I wonder if it’s the same bunch of scapes!

What’s happening in your fridge?



  1. Dude, my fridge is outta control. I catered a baby shower last weekend and still have lefties from that + just general negligence. I feel like February knocked the wind outta me.

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