little balls of corny goodness!

In a move that shocked and appalled us both, Marty and I got rid of cable. This is going to really sting when True Blood comes back on but, que sera. So although we have a digital T.V. we have not figured out yet how to get any network stations, only NBC. Which is ok, I like 30 Rock and the like, but WHAT OF the horrible FOX and it’s wonderful shows. (Don’t judge Food Punk.)

So all of this T.V. talk is leading up to the fact that there was no SSSUUUPPPPEERRRBBBOOOWWLL watching for us. Oh wait, Marty got it in on his laptop and he watched while I made HOMEMADE TORTILLAS and CHILI! Football food, right? Last year I made Leah Chase’s Gumbo Z Herbs, in honor of the Saints and it was wonderful! They won! I kept referring to The Packers as The Cheese People, which amused Marty, but it was my only reference point for them. Sorry, I like cheese. If you like corn tortillas, which go excellently with cheese by the way, you should make them fresh. It’s like a homemade biscuit but Mexican!
Also, it’s not difficult. You will need two things Masa Harina in the white and green bag at the Mexican Grocery ( Maseca is the brand) and a tortilla press, hopefully available at said grocery. Ours is aluminum but one day I hope to get one in cast iron.

Fresh Corn Tortillas!
Follow the directions on the bag. I used two cups of corn flour to one and a half cups warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda thrown in. Once the dough takes shape break off pieces and roll into balls. We like small tortillas to scoop up the chili (sort of Ethiopian style) so I kept em small. A quick trip into the press (which Marty cleverly lined with plastic wrap) to flatten those babies out and you are one hot pan away from homemade tortillasville!



  1. we got rid of cable when tyson bit off holyfield’s ear…have not looked back

    even our 7 year old is used to it…

  2. I love your tortilla keeper… I need one.

  3. NOTHING beats a homemade tortilla.

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