Friday, I had a macro/microcosm day.
It seemed the universe was relaying back to me my thoughts and mine out to it. It just so happens my thoughts are about quiche and My Bloody Valentine.
Earlier in the day, Sound Opinions had a 90’s music show on (which prompted me to learn that while I was at Lollapalooza in 91′, one (most?) of my coworkers were in the under 5 set, yikes!) and played all sorts of music I have totally lost touch with but still treasure, My Bloody Valentine, Blur, Nirvana, J&MC, Jane’s and the like.
I also had been thinking about quiche. I wanted to made a quick crustless quiche and use up whatever I found in the fridge. Then later I saw a feature on quiche on the internet.
So I came home and searched our record room boxes (yes, we still have boxes, unpacked 9 mos. later) for My Bloody Valentine…and I don’t find it. Grrrrrrr.
So I made my quiche listening to Paranoid instead. Not Kevin Shields, but still good music to make quiche to. A $4 dollar bottle of Malbec and some onion and olive potato quiche and it’s Friday night dinner and lots of youtube:

We are really scrimpin’ and savin’ here at Key manor and I have to say quiche makes a elegant dinner and it’s already in your fridge RIGHT NOW. Eggs, milk, veggies, meat…whatever scraps you have- a quiche awaits. Throw in some salad and wine and you may as well be lunching at Barneys. Except of course, you are not at Barneys and it’s not lunch, it’s dinner and you are wearing hats and scarves inside cos’ the heat is so expensive and who eats quiche in January and wait, didn’t you move down South? Why is it so cold?
Sigh. The music helps though.



  1. I love how often you’ve been posting lately! It makes you feel less far away when I know what you’re eating : )
    XOX- M

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