What is it? Cabbage! Hooray!

There is a restaurant here that serves simple, really wonderful food.
Recently I ordered baked cabbage off the menu that was….how do I describe it.. on the astral plane.
You know, when food is so ridiculously good that you just keep repeating “This is so good” to your dining mates, like a neanderthal and waitress roll their eyes at each other as they walk by you. (Who can blame em?)
You stare at the plate like it holds the secret somewhere.
“I see seasonings, I see clues to how it was cooked but really, HOW CAN THIS BE SO GOOD? IT’S CABBAGE!”

Looks brainy, tastes like a warm blankey.

Well, while I was unable to recreate this exact experience at home, we still ate some fab baked cabbage (with whole wheat pasta and pesto). I threw a half of avocado and some lemon in with the pesto by the way and it was over the top creamy and maybe a bit much. Perhaps just a few tablespoons of avocado would have done, but it gave the pesto a rich, velvety, non-dairy boost.
So, back to the mystical cabbage. I took the advice of this little lady at work and baked the cabbage, (covered in foil) in a bath of white wine, and red pepper flakes,
salt and pepper and olive oil, for an hour and a half. Had we any carrots they would have gone in as well. After an hour I took off the foil and let the tops brown and crunch up. If we had cooked it an additional 45 minitues, in foil, I believe it would have been what I was after. The perfect winter weather stewed-in-the-oven-and-melt-into- warmth dish.
It was not angels singing from the clouds straight into my taste buds, but it was pretty damn good.



  1. I need to hear more about this nondiary pesto…

  2. How can you not disclose the restaurant?!? Must you torture?

  3. It begins with M and ends with U (two words)

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