Pimento Cheese has been here for years!! (I’m actually trying to find out how many so if you have any ideas, drop me a line)
But, what luck! It just so happens the year we are putting out our doc on Pimento Cheese, is the same year folks are straightening up and taking notice of the Pimento Cheese tidal wave that has been hitting the blogisphere, food magazines, and restaurants for the past few years. Bon Appetit and Time magazine have declared 2011 The Year of Pimento Cheese. Deep South Magazine picked up on it to. The Gainsville, GA Times even mentioned our little movie!
The funny thing is I am the one late to the party. I ate my first bite of the stuff back in 2006, I believe, on Christmas day.
Pimento Cheese has been here all the while, sitting on the fridge shelf waiting for you to get a hankering. Like a (very funny) gentleman in our film said
“A sleeve of Saltines and my grandmother’s Pimento Cheese and I am good”. I’m paraphrasing but it was something like that, anyway you get the gist and it’s delicious. I wish I’d have grown up with the stuff it would have been a nice respite from Fluffernutters, but at least I can make a movie about it!

You can learn more about the Pimento Cheese, Please documentary here and I welcome any and all comments or a heads’ up on where we can go to find folks who are making great Pimento Cheese, or who made the Pimento Cheese you grew up on. DO TELL!



  1. Mr. Pimento Cheese

    You’re right, it’s not a comeback. It never went away; it’s just that the secret is out. Not sure that’s good. You don’t want the world to discover your favorite secluded beach, and that seems to be what’s happening to our favorite Southern comfort treat. Trying to recreate the taste I remember as a youth, it took me nearly 10 years to perfect my recipe. I make a batch or two every month to share with friends and neighbors or give as gifts. Now that the lid is off, I hope this awareness doesn’t render it passé.

    • I understand what you mean, I hate it when people discover something cherished and then it becomes a fad, but once we Yankees get over it Pimento Cheese will and always will be there for those that cherish it. Consider sharing your recipe with me and I will put it in our community style cookbook for the film and send you a copy!

  2. We LOVE LOVE LOVE pimiento cheese too! Locally, Mosiac cafe has a really good pimiento cheese that comes in several sandwiches as well as by itself. If you like spicy, here is my go-to recipe:

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