one of my (blurry) pies I made last winter in Brooklyn

I think it’s pretty well known, my love of pizza. We eat homemade pizza about once, or twice a week here at Key Manor. My dad made it at home, mostly Sicilian, which is odd now that I think of it as he made egg pasta which is typically a Northern Italy style of pasta. ANYWAY. So yeah I love pizza. It was a major bummer to leave NYC and know that incredible pizza would not be available two blocks away anymore. You could even get wood fire oven pizza in the streets! Upon arriving here last summer I asked about anyone carting around an oven and I was told that a few folks in RVA did make wood fire pizza with ovens they had built in their backyards. I was excited to hear this but saddened that I did not know such people. To be perfectly honest, I am content to eat our pizza. I have been making and practicing for years and can whip some up in less than three hours. There do come those times however, when you just need wood fire oven pie. My favorite woodfire oven pie in NYC, moved to S.F. If you have not heard of Una Pizza Napoletana watch some vids of Anthony Mangieri doing his thing here. He is epic.

So all of my ranting on and on here does have a point and that point is the word on the blogiverse is that there will be a mobile wood fire oven in RVA! This spring!! Victoria Deroche is taking her Pizza Tonight pies to the farmers market. I don’t know much about her, except she makes a bitchin dough that you can pick up around town, hangs out with this rad taco man (whom I already adore)and that apparently she once painted her home in the colors of a classic Mediterranean villa and her nabes freaked out, which sounds like typical bad ass behavior to me! I cannot wait to try her pies.
It’s folks like this who are gonna make RVA the food town I yearn for it to be. Keep it comin’ y’all.

**** (Thanks to the ever awesome @TedLeo and @ Scharpling, and Barry Dworkin & Kidcolin for the audio/video on this post!



  1. Hey- thanks for the great write up. You now know someone with a wood fire oven in Richmond and I am extending an official invite to the next pizza club meeting at our house. (planning one now for February) Would love to compare notes on Italian recipes. My dad is still be best Italian cook I know.


  2. Thanks so much Victoria! I can’t wait to be a regular customer!

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