And it was ALMOST good. It was not great and I will tell you why. It needed to be far thinner. See, had I made a Fettucine, we woulda been okay. But no, I had to go all Papparadelle on us. So due to the size and width of the noodles, the thickness was a little much. If you’d like me to describe it using a term like “mouth-feel” ( go ahead, try and call me a foodie, but I am a Foodpunk- there is a difference and it is called a thesaurus- I don’t use one) I would have to say it was sort of spaetzle-esque. Which is fine, same ingredients- eggs, flour, water but I was trying to go for a way more Italian kind of scene. I really hate to try at something I was once adept at and fail… I mean errr turn it into something German.
I also did something else I hate doing and I “apologized” for it. If you have read MY LIFE IN FRANCE you know this is an unacceptable behavior. My dinner guests ate it up, smiling and drinking wine ( that always helps) but in my heart I knew it was just too thick. Of course now I am committed to getting my homemade pasta game up. Which is good right? I mean it’s not bikini season and even if it was, as I have mentioned previously, you cannot keep me away from pasta.


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