When Marty and I get home he usually grabs the mail and I shudder away from it as I know it contains horror shows like car payments and credit card bills and stupid magazines (because somehow JetBlue thinks subscriptions to INC. and FAST COMPANY are akin to miles!?).
Anyway, there is that special moment each month when he turns to me and in a tone that can aptly be described as “husbandly understanding” says:
“Oh…look, Look what’s here for you!”
It’s then that I know this month’s Martha came.

Marthas all lined up since 1995

It’s a straight up love affair with me and these magazines and of course the woman herself (I wore my FREE MARTHA shirt with pride).
I have kept almost every issue. Last summer when we were moving into our new Richmond pad, a friend asked as he lugged a cardboard record size box “Who is Martha and why is she in so many boxes?”

The fact is though, I feel the magazine had a heyday. I would say late nineties/early to mid 00’s was it’s pinnacle. The photography and the quality and originality of the articles then were unsurpassed by any other in it’s market. Every once in awhile though, they really BRING IT and it’s usually an issue with a fat and luscious holiday in it. This season, I thought it would be the December issue but turns out it’s February that has me at my knees. SWOON.

The FEB 2011 issue nestled in my bed where I keep all my current mags, duh.

I mean will you look at that Baked Alaska? I don’t think I have ever seen an image as gorgeous. I want to feel like that Baked Alaska feels, bite taken out and all. I make creme brulee every day at work and never once thought of making it into an ice cream sandwich. Ice cream, sure but brulee cookie sandwich?! This is the stuff dreams are made of.

If you need me I will be busy swooning and planning parties around these desserts.


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