I don’t know about you, but I have a very intense relationship with pasta. I was raised with homemade pasta drying on racks throughout our house and my Grandparent’s home. I remember sneaking into my grandmother’s lavish dining room, which was only used for family events and holidays, and quietly grabbing strands of Fettucine and stuffing them into my mouth as quickly as I could before I was caught and reprimanded. If there was pasta drying, I was going to try and scarf some, despite her and my Dad’s pleas that I was eating raw dough and it would be a lump in my tummy. Now that I am a grown up woman I enjoy my pasta cooked.
So you can anticipate my reaction when my bestie, Matt who visited Richmond during the holidays, presented me with this fabulous book.
THE GEOMETRY OF PASTA is written by Jacob Kenedy and expertly designed and illustrated by Caz Hildebrand and Lisa Vandy.
Take a peek:
It provides a history and region for each pasta shape as well as recipes and sauces that provide the best eating experience for that shape. It’s informative and glorious to page through while you wonder about what to have for dinner. I am going to dust off my pasta machine tonight and make something delectable.
Thanks Matty!!


6 responses to “HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PASTA?

  1. ooh i wish-listed this book a while ago! it loooks so pretty!

  2. I might have to get that book. I have a pasta maker but I haven’t used it yet. How important is the fancy flour they have one using in pasta recipes?

  3. Ahhh! I have been lusting after this book!

  4. I LOVE pasta. I can eat it every day.
    You should come visit me while I’m in Italy and we’ll stuff our pasta holes together!

    ps – Im glad you like the book!

  5. Steph, I was raised making and eating pasta made with plain old regular Gold Medal brand flour. I do have semolina in the house and have added it to egg pasta in the past, but plain flour while not traditional, works well for us Americanos. I have seen double 0 “00” flour here in Richmond at 8 1/2 which is also a great to use.

  6. What a gorgeous book! Aren’t thoughtful besties just the BEST!?

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