* updated*
This month myself and my humble cake(s) were featured in Richmond Magazine’s Sweets issue. I was so happy to be asked to participate. Now I am not sure exactly how the fine folks at the CBS 6 program Virginia This Morning found me and the Sweet Potato Cake I have been making, but they asked me onto the show and so I packed up my mixer, my bowls, my cake stands and my fantastic husband and we went!

The video can be seen here as, for some odd reason WordPress refuses to embed it.
It was live so I was a bit of a superfreak while we waited to go on and made Marty drive home to get a spatula ( yes I forgot to bring a spatula?! WHO AM I?) and a cake stand.
The hosts were so friendly and seemed genuinely into the cake. They chatted up Marty and I before the segment. They were also excited to hear about Steady Sounds as they both like records! Greg McQuade saw my 45 adapter tattoo and knew exactly what it was and Cheryl Miller used to DJ! They were very cool.
It was really fun, though I have to admit I stayed crazy nervous until right before the segment began. They have asked me to come back and hopefully I will have some new way to present unbaked, baked goods for them by then!

This Sweet Potato cake is getting lots of exposure, I made a version of it this weekend filled with apple butter buttercream for my good friend Christophile‘s little man, Linus!



  1. Ohmygoodness, I’m so ashamed at myself for just seeing this post about the most awesome cake ever!!! I blame it on the fact that I have completely ignored my Reader this whole month! But interwebs hear me now, this cake is the BEST! and so is this woman!

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