Sorry for the extreme lack of posting, but it’s gettin’ kinda hectic around these parts! My internet time is zilch as of late. I am still cooking, baking, talking and rocking or whatever it says up there, but the writing it all down on the computer part is what I am having trouble with.
Last week I made caramel apples! Where is the post?? Nowhere, that’s where! For SHAME!

The biggest news I have, of course is the fund-raising and preparations for Pimento Cheese, Please which is going swimmingly….cheesily..?.. on the great Kickstarter.
I am so excited to be working on this project. We have so many radical southern food folk involved! Last year this was all just a vague idea I had whilst living my frenzied NYC life. Now, I am actually talking to and making plans with people I have previously only read about in cookbooks! What?!

Seriously, this is like a super “life dream” come true! Running around the South meeting and talking to people about a food they love and cherish and on top of that getting folks who are into that sort of thing to chip in for the big win. It’s phenomenal! (The big win being a movie about it all). So weird, yet so simple and so community driven and above all just so so awesome. The response to our plea for financial help has been so positive!

In NYC I was kind of an office drone, and I had plenty of computer time. In fact hours would go by and I would not have even moved out of my chair! My life is totally different now.
I am constantly doing.
Maybe it’s the place, maybe it’s my mind set..(maybe it’s because the South is so full of bugs that if you stand still for too long one will land on you and freak you out) but whatever it is, I have to admit that since I have been here in Richmond…….
I have felt like I got the power.


4 responses to “IT’S GETTIN KINDA HECTIC

  1. Love this. That is all.

  2. Love YOU. That is all

  3. Richmond is that kind of place! Glad you are using your power for good–and that I met you at Chop Suey on Saturday.

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