As soon as we moved into town, I kept hearing about this restaurant, FULL KEE. It’s an authentic Cantonese place nestled within an area of town that is littered with many Asian dining options and nearby a great Asian market, Tan A. I was alerted that they have amazing vegetable dishes and if we went, to get the Leek Flowers.
What is a Leek Flower? I pondered.
In all my trolling about Chinatown in NYC (that ‘s 16 years of trolling, mind you) I had never noticed them in the green grocers, though I am sure they were there. (Neuman can you confirm?)
Upon arriving at Full Kee, I noticed a dish called “Leed Flower” on the menu and promptly ordered it. It came with squid which was good, but not as tender as it could have been, BUT OH THOSE LEEK FLOWERS. Everyone in our party heralded it as the best dish on the table. They looked like Chinese chives, but with little buds at the end of their narrow stems. Their flavor was slightly garlic scape-esque but so sweet and tender! If “green” could be a taste, these Leek Flowers were it.
Last week I was absolutely thrilled to see a thick baton of them for $2.00 at Tan A. Leek Flowers may be the simplest thing to cook.

Like many in the Allium family, they are super versatile and would make a tasty bed for most any protein. (Tofu and Pork, I am looking at you.)

The bunch I bought was so ample that I had plenty left over to blanch and use in an adaptation of a Green Goddess dressing, which was also a favorite at a recent soiree. So popular with crowds, this Leek Flower!
One of these days I am going to get an Asian cookbook/food guide and figure out what other fantastic stuff I am missing out on.


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