Like everybody else, I have been reading the Times and spied a super simple hot sauce recipe that I could not stop thinking about. I have been tangling with peppers all summer actually, trying to make hot pepper jelly and instead letting them all go bad or using them in taco related dinners.

Today at Byrd Market I picked up less than a peck of peppers, proceeded to procure a plethora of produce and pranced home post haste to parlay them into a perfect pepper sauce.
They had all sorts of specimens at the market, Chocolate Habanero, Red Lantern, Jalapeno, and yellow Belgium. So I took the most colorful and shiny of the bunch.

This is how it went down.

I’m no fool so I grabbed a pair of gloves. I cut up 8 hot peppers. I added a large sweet red pepper as directed by the nice lady in the Times. I crushed 3 fat cloves of garlic and into a heavy bottomed sauce pan went all of them. I added a large pinch of salt. Twice. I poured about a half cup of vinegar in and over medium heat, simmered until the peppers soaked up all the liquid. I carefully transferred the mixture into a blender and pureed until I had a smooth a uniform liquid. Then just as carefully, I poured all that hot pepper goodness into a bottle with the help of a funnel.

At this point Marty came into the kitchen and exclaimed “Whew! Peppers!” and clutched at his face.
They did indeed permeate the kitchen…yes there was much sneezing …but now we have HOT SAUCE.
One of the greatest inventions in all mankind. if you don’t believe me, go ask a bowl of grits.


4 responses to “HOT PEPPER PARTY

  1. Oh my god how I want some of this. I live with a tabasco addict and want nothing more than a homemade and BETTER version. Maybe someday we can have a sauce line?

  2. Molly it was so easy! The cutting and handling of such a powerful plant was the hardest part. I think that if I wanted to give them as gifts, I’d have to process them but since I was just trying out one bottle- no big it can sit in the fridge. The taste definitely is fresher and uhhh…hmmm cleaner tasting than store bought. I think next time I will try charring the peppers for a deeper flavor. Love You!

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  4. Nice pick-up truck! That yours? Makes me jealous!

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