The 2nd rocker to grace us with mad culinary skills is Sally Crewe of Sally Crewe and The Sudden Moves! Sally lives in Austin, TX, a fab food town for sure.
Like so many of us, she has some serious food allergies; gluten, casein (milk protein) and soy- which sounds SO LIMITING, right?
You see, not only is Sally a rocktress extraordinaire, she is also a certified NTP. That is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, to us layfolk, and this means she can evaluate a person’s individual nutrition needs and design a program of delicious food that will nourish and heal their body. Her practice will open over the summer in Austin, but she plans on helping people remotely as well. You can check it all out (eventually) at reclaimnutrition.com or reach out to her at sally@reclaimnutrition.com.

For now, let us bask in this decadent brownie recipe that Sally makes when she hits the road.

Chocolate Fudge-Type Brownies

5 oz very dark chocolate
½ cup melted butter/ghee (or grapeseed oil if non-dairy)
2 eggs (or substitute 1 tablespoon flax seeds in a little water)
1 cup packed brown sugar*
½ cup almond flour
¼ cup quinoa flour
½ teaspoon sea salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of instant coffee dissolved into 1 teaspoon of hot water (or 1 t strong brewed coffee)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1. Melt the chocolate, stir in the melted butter/ghee/oil
2. In another bowl, beat the eggs until frothy
3. Add the sugar to the eggs and beat until smooth
4. Add the melted chocolate mixture to the egg mixture – slowly… then beat until smooth
5. In another bowl, combine the dry ingredients (flour, salt and baking soda)
6. In a shot glass, add 1 teaspoon of hot water to 1 teaspoon of instant coffee (or strong brewed coffee), then add ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix
7. Add the dry mix to the chocolate/egg mix and beat well
8. Add the vanilla and coffee shot, stir in well
9. Grease a baking pan or dish, and pour/scrape the chocolately goodness into the pan
10. Bake for 30-35 mins (check after about 25)

Immediately upon removing from the oven, place in the freezer to chill and stop the cooking process – this sets them while they’re still chewy. After cooling (30 mins-ish), remove from the baking pan (just flip over onto some foil and the whole thing should slide out in one piece), then slice into squares. These things are richer than Paul McCartney, so the squares don’t need to be very big. The above recipe makes 16 – 24 squares, depending on how big you make them.

At this point I normally return them to the freezer. They don’t seem to totally freeze, so you can grab a piece of chilled chewy chocolate fudge-type brownie straight from the freezer. If a more brownie-like consistently is desired, move them to the fridge, where they’ll take on a more traditional chewy middle, cracked edge brownie thing after 24-48 hours.

*They work equally well with only ½ cup sugar, it just makes a slightly less sweet, more ‘adult’ version, which I imagine would be very nice with some fresh raspberries and a little vanilla ice-cream…


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