We are exactly one week into our new lives, here in Virginia. I sat down to write a post a week and a half ago about how trying it would be to find things I am used to getting quite easily up in NYC. Well the me of the present has got news for the me of NYC…”Quit your bellyaching and hemmin and hawing cos’ Richmond is not some podunk burg what doesn’t have your faniciful ingredients”!
Apparently present me is sporting some hillbilly vernacular.
Anyway, one of my main fears was the impact of the loss of the NYC green grocer.
Littered across the city, these little spots to score fruits and vegetables are straight up lifesavers. Never farther away than a few blocks, the Green Grocer always has whatever you need- incredible selections of produce, herbs, citrus, ready to eat fruit chunks, the famed NYC (by way of MI) Date bars. Plus, they usually offer exotic fruits, avocados, lemongrass, Chinese chives, and what about the bean curd sold in water in the green plastic containers- so tasty!!
While I may not find avocados and lemongrass at every corner here, we were lucky enough to move within walking distance of some really thrilling little food shops. Upon entering a spot just around the corner, we found not only my beloved Festina Peche, but a nicer selection of beverages than I had ever encountered in our old nabe back in Brooklyn! They had a condiment sectionto beat the band and featured tons of local produce and locally made products.
A little further down the street and I am able to procure items like white anchovies and my holy grail of Italian pastry- sfogliatelle!!!! That, was a huge surprise and despite their being unavailable that particular day, due to a broken oven, I nearly wept.
While preparing for our departure, I scrambled to snatch up items I thought would be lost to me forever, like the peanut butter I cannot live without and our favorite Mexican hot sauces.
I get the feeling that not only will I be able to locate these and other workhorses of my pantry but I will discover new and exciting jars of promise pocketed throughout our new city.
Well played Richmond, I am so looking toward exploring.



  1. I can’t wait to hear about what you’ll be making with all the new local delicacies!

  2. jahoo! so excited for your culinary adventures in richy richy!! btw, i heart the byrd farmers market on tues., found it a convenient spot & day, should be cranking pretty soon now!! :]

    [oh yes & penzey’s!!]

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