I know it’s been kind of quiet on Food Punk lately. I have been sick a bunch this Spring, which is a downer, but exciting things are in the works, which is an upper! You know what else makes me feel UP?
Ramps…..and garlic scapes, but they come later.
Simple and delightful ramp consumption awaits you:

Clean (easier than it sounds, treat em’ like scallions and remove anything slimy) a bunch of ramps.
Blanch them and then plunge into ice water.
Put them in the food processor with salt and pepper and olive oil and some ricotta cheese
Boil some linguini, fry up some nice bread crumbs.
Toss the pasta in the ramp/cheese sauce.
Sprinkle with bread crumbs and maybe some shaved pecorino if you are feeling extra cheesy. I know I am.


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