So this really gross thing happened.
I ate something, that mostly eats things, that I am allergic to. Blargh!
I got really sick and I am just starting to feel normal again
So for a few days I have been on a food vacation.

It’s awful when you get sick from food and food is one of those ‘things’ in your life. Things have not felt quite right.
I have been ignoring my Google reader, it’s at 2600 items or something. I have felt aimless in the apt at night, when I would usually be in my kitchen. I have not listened to hip hop radio in days (the radio is in the kitchen). It’s just all wrong.

Also, I broke my point and shoot which, though an inadequate little camera, at least it got the job done around here. So those two tales combined equals not a lot of output from me.
In fact, I think it’s been straight up and down blah around here.
I have yet to catch Spring Fever.
I walked around the Union Square Farmers Market today and while it was nice to be in the sun, I was not overjoyed with the promise of flowers and leaves and ramps and fruits and vegetables like I usually am.
I did watch a movie. I did read a bunch of non-food related materials. I did put some much needed time into a project. I watched two new TV shows I otherwise would have skipped (good, bad, who can say?).
I did get a ton of sleep, glorious sleep!
So I am left to wonder, “why waste our lives eating and drinking when we could be out living our lives”? to quote a contestant on Biggest Loser.

Ahhhhhhh, kidding!!!
Sorry, no offense to BL. Those people are killing it! I am all for healthy living and eating.
In all honesty I could not give up my fascination with all things culinary if I tried. I would keep coming back to it. I would find some blurb somewhere about some person devoting their lives to making the perfect artisanal bladdity bloop and fall in again. Or I would notice the illustrations in Joy of Cooking calling to me from across a crowded bookshelf. All it’s gonna take is some street food cart somewhere or some pizzaria flaunting their wares and I will be back chomping (ahhhh!) at the bit.

I took this picture last Spring at the market.
I love the image of a farmer doting on his chickies, with his wife in the background arms crossed, all ” you and those damn chickens”!


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