Yeah, I’m doing a gift guide.

In my travels out in the world and at my desk job in cyberville I am always trying to find new and wonderful things to eat. If you are like me or know people like me you may appreciate this gathering of good eats I put before you.

Lusty Monk Mustard

A genius woman in Asheville makes these mustards that are SO FLAVORFUL. We tried it  when we were down there during our honeymoon, it was on our cheese plate at, funnily enough, The Thirsty Monk ( I guess monks stick together and make great beer and mustard). When I happened upon it later at a market I scooped up both kinds,  and now there is a third! If you know a condiment junkie, you must hook them up! My favorite is the Chipotle “Burn In Hell”. Yowza.

Rancho Gordo

Heirloom Beans from Steve Sando at Rancho Gordo are a perfect stocking stuffer! Last year I got the Christmas Lima Beans for friends. This year I will keep one bag for myself. The hot sauces and chiles are great- and they have Canela and vanilla extract too, for that special baker in your life.

The Lee Bros. Boiled Peanut Catalog

If you like food chances are you have heard of Matt and Ted Lee. Before they were cookbook authors they were distributors of southern specialties and delicacies. There is something here for everyone. From Boiled peanuts to Sorghum Syrup.


It’s a dream of mine to go to Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor and just eat everything in my path. Until that day comes at least I can order stuff like Spanish Dark Drinking Chocolate and Garum Colatura (anchovy sauce). They’ve saved my butt many a time with their over the top gift baskets. They have amazing and obscure foodstuffs and cheeses and baked goods and meats and oils and vinegars and……

Yates Mill Stone Ground Cornmeal

Yates Mill is on the National List Of Historic Places and is one of very few fully restored operational automatic mills in the country. They make very nutritous whole kernal corn meal that needs to be kept refrigerated due to the fatty acids. The corn bread afficiando in your life will be forever grateful to try it.

Anson Mills

Speaking of cornmeal! Anson Mills is known across the country for their fine heirloom organic grits, but that is just the beginning. Farro, wheat and rye flours, buckwheat and of course the famous  Carolina Gold Rice that faced extinction are all available thanks to founder Glenn Roberts.

Vosges Luxury Chocolates

This is my go to for gifts year round when I feel like someone needs to be pampered. The drinking chocolates are wonderful and the caramel marshmallows…whaaaaaaaaat? In the spring they have these darling rabbits that trump any chocolate rabbit you have ever seen before. They also have truffle collections inspired by hip hop music, eccentric Italians, the lunar phases and Rastafari. If you want to be trendy and jump in on the bacon chocolate thing, founder Katrina Markoff was doing it first.

That’s all I got for now, please hit up the comments and tell me where you like to get food prezzies….


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