Sorry, I felt like I had to make a separate place to write about food. Particularly the kind of food that I like to make which is sort of regular, everyday fare but delicious to boot!
PA200508I try to make my own recipes but I usually take from many sources and tweak until it seems to feel right. There won’t be any fancy feasts or high falutin’ dishes here. What there will be is pictures and stories about me and the food I make and the people I share it with. There may also be music and dancing cos what is a party if people are not gonna dance?
Today was exciting for me in the way of a coconut gelato I made. So I took that as a sign to write my first post. What you see here is one of my favorite sandwiches to make when I am alone or need a light snack. It’s peasant bread, mayonnaise and Muenster cheese. I cannot express to you the joy of this simple morsel. Of course, I have been known to eat plain mayonnaise samitches. Mayonnaise is a condiment I have a powerful weakness for. All it needs is one slice of bread folded in half and a little fresh ground pepper to work it’s magic, but the cheese and the lettuce help it along.


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